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  AS50555 is currently used for services hosted by myself, Keaton A.G. Lair. However I am hoping on building it to service my home usage along with family from across mainly Saskatchewan and hopefully around the world through specific disconnected PoPs.

  Generally I have a open peering policy, as a general rule I do not do peering tunnels. I will not accept peering requests if we can exchange routes in the same locality via an IX that we both peer with the router server(s) unless there is a specific technical reason why not. If you do not peer with a RS and we share an IX, I will most likely accept your peering request. I will accept PNI requests if we share a signifigant amount of traffic (>1gbps max over 1 month world wide traffic) and/or there is no cost towards me. Preferance is placed on Saskatchewian peers. Most of my transit will be provided by AS54874, Red Lily, as I own Red Lily.

I currently announce 5 prefixes (1x IPv4, 4x IPv6) Unicast Services (including this site) On borrow from Red Lily
2605:F440:5600::/40 Unicast Services (including this site) Permanent reassignment from Red Lily
2605:F440:5652::/47 Aggragate Route for DNS Servers. Currently Unicast, will be Anycast.
2605:F440:5652::/48 Authoritivate DNS Server. Currently Unicast, will be Anycast.
2605:F440:5653::/48 Authoritivate DNS Server. Currently Unicast, will be Anycast.

I attempt to implement as secure routing as I can. So all prefixes from AS50555 will be IRR Valid and RPKI Valid. I also do RPKI ROV, BCP38 enforcement, etc. I place records in as many databases as I can get a mntner into. Currently I place records in ARIN, RIPE, AFRINIC and ALTDB and hopefully I can add NTTCOM, RADB and BELL to that. route objects are not placed in RIPE or AFRINIC as all my prefixes held are from ARIN. I recommend and encourage that peers and other networks enforce strict RPKI ROV and AS-SET enforcement against AS50555. See the table below for specific records:

RS-KEATONAGLAIR Main route set, includes all above prefixes. ARIN, RIPE, AFRINIC, ALTDB.
MNT-KAGLL Only ARIN Maintainer that should be trusted. ARIN
KEATONAGLAIR Only RIPE Maintainer that should be trusted. RIPE
KEATONAGLAIR-MNT Only AFRINIC Maintainer that should be trusted. AFRINIC
MAINT-KEATONAGLAIR Only ALTDB Maintainer that should be trusted. ALTDB
KAGL-ARIN Only ARIN Handle that should be used. ARIN
KAGL Only RIPE or AFRINIC Handle that should be used. RIPE, AFRINIC