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  Currently I run 3 ASNs as shown in the table below.

AS970 ARIN region network. Main network. Received from ARIN to KAGLL
AS21957 ARIN region network. Anycast network. Soon. Received from ARIN to KAGLL
AS50555 Issued by RIPE. Test network(s). Received from RIPE to ORG-KAGL2-RIPE

  AS970 is currently used for services hosted by myself, Keaton A.G. Lair. However I am hoping on building it to service my home usage along with family from across mainly Saskatchewan and hopefully around the world through specific disconnected PoPs.
  Generally I have a open peering policy, as a general rule I do not do peering tunnels. I will not accept peering requests if we can exchange routes in the same locality via an IX that we both peer with the router server(s) unless there is a specific technical reason why not. If you do not peer with a RS and we share an IX, I will most likely accept your peering request. I will accept PNI requests if we share a signifigant amount of traffic (>1gbps max over 1 month world wide traffic) and/or there is no cost towards me. Peers agree not to send any malicious traffic nor to abuse the peering connection. Peering is entirely at my whim and I may shutdown any connection at any time for any reason. I am willing to be more negioable when it comes to Saskatchewian peers. Most of my transit will be provided by AS54874, Red Lily, as I own Red Lily.
  Peering either via a BGP Session over an IX or a PNI. Each party shall provide the other with email(s) and phone number(s) of technicians who can modify IRR records, WHOIS records, issue RPKI ROAs (and when possible ASPAs) along with routing issues. These contacts do not have to be 24/7/365, however should respond within a business day of wherever the operations of each party is located. Nor does it have to be a single contact. However without contacts which can address issues relating to all of the above I will not peer.

I currently announce 6 prefixes (2x IPv4, 4x IPv6). Seperate routing policy, only expect from AS50555. On grant from ARDC to NCSAPRN Unicast Services (AS970) Issued to KAGLL by ARIN Anycast Services (AS21957, will include this site [transitioning]) Issued to KAGLL by ARIN Unicast Services (including this site) On borrow from Red Lily
2605:F440:5600::/40 Unicast Services (including this site) Permanent reassignment from Red Lily
2605:F440:5652::/47 Aggragate Route for DNS Servers. Currently Unicast, will be Anycast.
2605:F440:5652::/48 Authoritivate DNS Server. Currently Unicast, will be Anycast.
2605:F440:5653::/48 Authoritivate DNS Server. Currently Unicast, will be Anycast.

I attempt to implement as secure routing as I can. So all prefixes from my networks will be IRR Valid and RPKI Valid (Except NCSAPRN). I also do RPKI ROV, BCP38 enforcement, etc. I place records in as many databases as I can get a mntner into. Currently I place records in ARIN, RIPE, AFRINIC and ALTDB and hopefully I can add NTTCOM, RADB and BELL to that. route objects are not placed in RIPE or AFRINIC as all my prefixes held are from ARIN. I recommend and encourage that peers and other networks enforce strict RPKI ROV and AS-SET enforcement against my ASNs. See the table below for specific records:

This section will be removed soon, as I am working on Griseoalbus, a centralized automated routing record management system. Information about my IRRdb records will be moved to Additionally, the table below is out of date and will remain out of date until Griseoalbus (and it's public reference site) is active since I'm changing many records each day as I work on this project. -KeatonAGLair (Oct 6th 2022)

RS-KEATONAGLAIR Main route set, includes all above prefixes (minus NCSAPRN). ARIN, RIPE, AFRINIC, ALTDB.
MNT-KAGLL Only ARIN Maintainer that should be trusted. ARIN
KEATONAGLAIR RIPE Maintainer that should be trusted as me. RIPE
KEATONAGLAIR-MNT AFRINIC Maintainer that should be trusted as me. AFRINIC
GRISEOALBUS-MNT My Automatic Routing Registry Record Management System. RIPE, AFRINIC
MAINT-KEATONAGLAIR Only ALTDB Maintainer that should be trusted. ALTDB
KAGL-ARIN (POC) Only ARIN Handle that should be used. ARIN
KAGL Only RIPE or AFRINIC Handle that should be used. RIPE, AFRINIC
KAGLL (ORG-ID) Only ARIN ORG-ID that should be used. ARIN
ORG-KAGL2-RIPE Only RIPE organization that should be used. RIPE